Visual Atoms helps police fight prolific crime

The Central Forensic Image Team, within London’s Metropolitan Police, used 3rd Forensic’s FILM system with Visual Atoms’ visual recognition software, to review thousands of CCTV images.

Combining these award-winning capabilities to search, link and highlight distinguishing aspects of the crime imagery, and with the highly developed skills of the Metropolitan Police force’s Super Recogniser team, a suspect was promptly identified and associated with further offenses. The suspect was quickly arrested by detectives and convicted of multiple burglary offenses. He has now been sentenced to a total of five years’ imprisonment.

Dr Miroslaw Bober, Visual Atoms’ Director, said, “By analysing millions of images in seconds, the visual recognition technology from Visual Atoms, working with the FILM platform, can link criminals, scenes and objects to crimes. This helps the Metropolitan Police identify offenders quickly, improving the safety of UK streets.”

Simon Woodward, 3rd Forensic’s CEO, said, “3rd Forensic is proud to be able to make a positive contribution to UK policing through its own FILM platform and by working with its strategic partner, Visual Atoms. In today’s international security environment, it is vital that the technology industry maximise the value it delivers through the use of well-designed, world-leading technology.”

DCI Mick Neville, head of the Central Forensic Image Team, said, “Once again Scotland Yard is at the forefront of developing crime fighting tools. Visual recognition software further strengthens our capability, allowing us to target even more prolific criminals. The FILM system enables our Super Recognisers to industrialise the number of convictions from CCTV. By using images in this systematic way, we can now solve thousands more crimes.”

Stavros Paschalakis